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Justice For A Wrongful Death

The loss of a loved one hurts all the more when you know or suspect their death was caused by someone’s negligence, misconduct or reckless actions. A wrongful death lawsuit holds the wrongdoer accountable for the personal and financial toll on the grieving survivors.

Kopelman Sitton Law Group, LLC, has helped clients recover wrongful death damages for preventable deaths. Our attorney understands the complexities of Georgia’s wrongful death statute. He will pursue justice and fair compensation for those who have lost a family member to someone else’s carelessness or disregard for safety.

Experienced Atlanta Wrongful Death Attorney

Trial lawyer Richard Kopelman has handled wrongful death actions arising from:

Trucking companies, health care companies, manufacturers and insurance companies employ squadrons of lawyers to dodge accountability. We conduct a thorough investigation to establish both liability and the medical causation. When necessary, we will bring in an accident reconstructionist or other expert witnesses, and we prepare from the start as if we will go to trial.

Wrongful Death Damages

Family members are entitled to pursue both economic and noneconomic damages for a wrongful death. Compensation may include medical expenses, funeral and burial costs, loss of the person’s projected income and benefits, loss of consortium (marital relations), loss of household contributions and loss of the person’s love, companionship and support. The deceased’s estate can also pursue a separate survival action claim for pain and suffering the person endured prior to death.

Let Us Shoulder The Burdens

We are sensitive to the emotional devastation endured by families that have been shattered by the death of a loved one, and we handle these cases in a compassionate, yet professional manner that is designed to offer long-term comfort, hope and confidence to our clients. Let us deal with the legal aspects and the insurance companies while you work through the process of grieving and putting your lives back together.

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