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Client Testimonials

Richard represented me many years ago and did an excellent job with my case, so when my son Danny was involved in a car accident and injured his neck, I didn’t hesitate in telling him he should call Richard. Even though Danny was grown, he knew I would not steer him wrong, and he hired Richard to handle his case. Although the insurance company insisted the wreck was “minor,” Danny was badly hurt and eventually he needed surgery to repair a herniated disk. Unfortunately, not long after his neck surgery, Danny was diagnosed with metastasizing cancer, and a few months later, he passed away. Richard and Danny developed a good working relationship and when Danny got sick, Richard made sure Danny knew Richard would see his case through to the end, even if Danny wasn’t here to reap the benefits of the settlement he deserved. Richard also made sure Danny had a Will prepared to ensure that the money from his case would be distributed according to Danny’s wishes. Thankfully, Danny didn’t suffer terribly long, but sadly, he passed away before his case was resolved. Even so, Richard never gave up on Danny or his case, and ultimately, Richard was able to recover a substantial settlement from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Although Danny never got the benefit of the settlement, he was comforted knowing the money would be used to provide for his family. I am grateful for all Richard did for Danny, and know he would be too.
– Glenna P.

When I was injured in a car wreck, I wasn’t sure what to do. A good friend of mine told me Richard represented him when he was hurt and did a great job and that I should call Richard. I followed my friend’s advice, and I am glad I did. From the beginning of my case to the end, Richard’s office always kept me informed and made sure I understood what was happening. The insurance company claimed the collision was “minor” and refused to pay what was owed, so Richard filed a lawsuit for me. Not long after, the insurance company agreed to pay me $250,000.00, the maximum coverage they had for my wreck. I hope I never need an attorney again, but if I do, I will make sure it is Richard.
– Joe B.

From the moment I met Clint, I knew my friend recommended the right lawyer for the job. Clint and his team at Kopelman Sitton Law Group aggressively pursued my claim, wasting no time in filing a lawsuit on my behalf and recovering a substantial six-figure sum much faster than I thought possible. Their hard work allowed me to repair my home and restore my life. They say “a man’s home is his castle,” but without Clint’s assistance, my home would still be uninhabitable.
– Markel H.

Mr. Kopelman represented my husband in the Merck’s Vioxx case. During the long and tedious litigation process Mr. Kopelman and his staff kept us well informed on the progress of the case.
I found Mr. Kopelman to be extremely sincere and a true professional. My husband and I feel a tremendous gratitude towards Mr. Kopelman and his staff, not only because of his expertise and hard work, but also because of the skilled and reassuring manner exhibited by himself and everyone in his firm. I would have no hesitation recommending Mr. Kopelman and his firm to anyone in need of representation.
– G. Bryant

After becoming injured in a hit and run car wreck a couple of years ago and badly injuring my knee, I had no idea what to do, who to talk to or what my rights were. After speaking with a co-worker who handled insurance claims for my company, I felt even more uneasy regarding the wreck and felt pretty certain I should retain a lawyer. Luckily, a friend of mine recommended Richard Kopelman to me. Although I had a difficult case due to a prior injury to the same knee, Richard and his staff, especially Erin, were more than helpful and caring. They regularly called and emailed me to see how I was feeling, and always kept me updated on how my case was going. Since I had never needed a lawyer or been seriously injured before, I was terrified about the whole process, but Richard made things easy and genuinely came across as caring. Due to meticulous record keeping on their part, diligent study of both my automobile and health insurance claims/records, and Richard’s ability to get right to the facts, I received a desireable (and more than anticipated settlement), along with the reassurance of knowing that no one else could have possibly helped me in a better manner. Even if you are unsure about how serious your case is, I recommend at least calling and speaking with Richard. HIs patience, perseverence, and ability to communicate with me in layman’s terms definitely made my experience with him as enjoyable as possible given the circumstances. His office staff is great too. You really honestly have nothing to lose by at least consulting with him. He really helped me to get a sense of my self back and for that, I will forever be thankful.
– Jacqueline

Over the past ten years, I have had the misfortune of being badly injured in car wrecks on more than one occasion, but have had the good fortune of having Mr. Kopelman represent me each time I have needed help. Richard has always worked efficiently and effectively, in such a manner that I have recovered the maximum value for my personal injury cases. Richard is honest and hard-working, and has always put forth a 110% effort in representing me. I have not doubt that he does so for all of his clients. I have utmost confidence in Richard, and knowing what he has done for me, I did not hesitate to recommend Richard to some of my family members who also unfortunately needed representation for personal injury claims. I certainly would not hesitate to recommend Richard or his law firm to anyone in need of an excellent trial lawyer who fights hard for his clients and is not afraid to file suit and go to trial if necessary. I have always been particularly impressed by the fact that almost every time I called the office, Richard took my call. If Richard was out of the office or unable to take a call, he consistently returned my calls promptly. I also might add that his staff is very pleasant and well-informed, and an excellent resource for information relevant to the matters Richard handles. In short, while I know I am not Richard’s only client, he always has made me feel as if I am his most important client.
– Mitchel

I  contacted Richard Kopelman soon after hearing of the Merck’s Vioxx recall 4yrs ago. I suffer a heart attack and underwent some unnecessary medical procedures stemming from Vioxx usage. It has been a long and difficult process in successfully litigating my case. His law firm has been with me all the way. He has shown himself to be dedicated and aggressive in dealing with my case. During this period I was also injured in an auto accident (through no fault of my own) and recovered the maximum settlement in 6 figures. He never lost sight of the difficulties my injuries left me with nor did he waste any time in addressing any issues that presented its self along the way. He and his staff does its job very well!
– Harold

I had a great experience having Richard as my attorney. It was comforting to know he was handling my case and treating me like his only client. He put me at ease and gave me realistic scenarios as my case developed.
– Susan

My wife died, at the age of 30, leaving behind a 3-year old son and me. Naturally, I was devastated and confused. It seemed impossible to me that my healthy, active wife, could have collapsed a few hours after having been discharged from a hospital emergency room where she was diagnosed with a headache that could have been nothing more than a bad cold. Later, when a CT Scan reportedly showed that my wife had suffered an aneurysm and was clinically dead, I was suspicious that she had not received proper care. A close friend recommended that I call Richard, which I did, and on my request, Richard actually came to the hospital to help me deal with what seemed like an impossible situation. As it turned out, it is a good thing that I got Richard involved so early in the process because through Richard’s efforts, we learned that my wife did not suffer an aneurysm, but instead, she had died of meningitis. I am convinced that the hospital would have covered this up if Richard had not been there for me. I immediately hired Richard, and from that moment, he handled everything for me and helped me get through a tragedy that I would hope no one would ever experience. Richard was honest and efficient. He responded promptly to calls and brought comfort to my family and me, explaining the process every step of the way. Ultimately, after a hard-fought trial, my case was successfully resolved to my satisfaction. It goes without saying that no amount of money ever could replace my wife, but the successful outcome of my case certainly eased the financial burden and allowed me to do things for my son that otherwise I would not have been able to do. My family and I remain grateful for everything Richard did for us, on both a professional and personal level.
– Michael

I would highly recommend Mr. Kopelman to anyone. He has been more than helpful with my ongoing case and has kept me up to date every step of the way. He has helped me with filling out the forms that have been required for my case and has always been available to answer any questions I have reguarding my case.
– Geraldine